Friday, 18 November 2016

Monday November 7, 2016 - The One with the Burnt Pizza

This was a pretty decent week here in Pineville. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened. Here's the run down. 

Last Monday was our Zone Activity. We did a Halloween party and it was a blast. Highlight was this giant three legged race that started in the gym, went out side, and ended up back in the gym. Our trio brought up the rear for our team. (I guess we made it a four legged race). Well I was in the middle tied between the two of them. At one point near the end of the lap while we were crawling under a table I didn't get up in time so I ended up being dragged on my back for like forty feet. We got it on video. It was quite the humorous experience. 

We had dinner with the Hernandez family that night and had a great lesson with the husband. He didn't join the church with the rest of the family but we had a really great lesson with him that night. Hopefully it goes somewhere. 

Our week started off with a ton of meetings. We had a meeting all day Tuesday. It was pretty good. Our Zone conference was Wednesday. That was good too. We had good trainings and learned a lot. Wednesday night we went over to Angelica's for dinner. That's Antonio's mom, the boy who was baptized last week. Our investigator Edith was over too. Oh man. We had such a good time. We laughed a lot, Antonio is such a funny kid. We sang primary songs to help them learn them and we had a great lesson with Edith. She got permission to be baptized from her dad so we are a go for the 19th! 

Funny side story. We were in the middle of the lesson and we asked Angelica a question and she started speaking to us in Spanish like we would totally understand. I had to interrupt and be like, English please. We had a good laugh about that one. 

Thursday was Zone Meeting planning with the Sisters. They brought leftover pizza from Zone Conference yesterday and nearly burned the church down trying to reheat it. We told them to put the pizza in the broiler for five minutes to heat it up. Well we neglected to tell them to open the box. We were talking about it a few minutes later and they were all like, wait, you're supposed to open the box? We ran down to a very smelly kitchen and scorched pizza boxes. Good thing we love them. 

Friday was probably the first day of like actual proselyting we got to do this week. We spent the brunt of the day finding and found two new people to teach. The Lord provides when He knows you're busy. It's been rough the past week too because Elder Merrill has be having these crazy migraines and they have been all day everyday for over a week now. He talked to the mission doctor about it on Tuesday and they made a plan. It's hard because we still go out and work and he really wants to work. But I can tell that he's in pain the entire time. He's such a trooper though that he is going to go out regardless. 

This weekend was a blur. Don't remember much from it. I do remember we spent Saturday on the other side of our area and we helped a member for a few minutes move some large furniture pieces. We helped them move across their neighbourhood a few weeks back and they are still unpacking. We went to Bojangles for lunch. It's is super nasty fast food chain in the south. Elder Merrill had never been. So we took him. We're not going back. 

Well that was my week. It was pretty decent. 
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Love you!
Elder Galvin

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