Monday, 31 October 2016

Monday October 31, 2016 - The One with Whipped Cream, Chili and Seven Baptisms!!!

Holy Cow Batman! What a week! And I don't even have time to tell you all about it because we are doing a Halloween Party/Zone Activity today. Should be a blast. 

Okay. Let's begin. We had a District Activity on Monday. It was pretty fun. We went to Chik fil a after. Tuesday was Trainer Trainee Meeting. It was so good! The meeting seemed to go by so fast. 

Wednesday was crazy! So we went to a District meeting then did an exchange. We did service at Loaves and Fishes. Then we had to exchange again within the exchange because of some technical things. The Elders we were on exchange with are the ones teaching the Beam Family. This is the family that Elder Peterson and I found in the restaurant parking lot. Well their baptismal interview has to be preformed by someone who didn't teach them and since I already had, I couldn't do it. Well Elder Rasmussen, due to the exchange was lined up to teach them, meaning we would have had no one to do the interview, so we had to exchange back for the lesson (so I could teach them) then re exchange afterwords. Antonio was interviewed for baptism that night also and it went so well. 

Thursday night was also crazy. We had five baptismal interviews to do. But they were on opposite sides of the stake. So I went with a member down to the Catawba Indian Reservation to do two of them and Elder Rasmussen and Merrill went to the Stake Center to interview the Beam family. Initially we had planned to meet up at our lesson this night but the Beams showed up an hour late. So I had to plead with our member for him to come teach with me. So I taught a solo lesson. Woot woot. Set a baptismal date nbd. (not to brag) :)

Friday was our interviews with President Alexander. They went really well. He told me I was getting ready for the 'big transfer' and that I needed to start thinking about going home. Not exactly what I wanted to hear or was expecting. But it's okay. We went on another exchange afterwords. Elder Merrill and I were with Elder Barton. We had to go to another District Meeting right after we exchanged. One of the districts moved their meeting to Friday so we were able to go to it. 

Saturday was quite the day! Antonio's baptism was this morning and it went really well. He was super excited and I was so happy because Elder Merrill got to baptize him. We were also able to go to the baptism of the Beam family that afternoon. It blows my mind to think that Elder Peterson and I met him five weeks ago. He was baptized exactly five weeks after the initial contact. 
Antonio's Baptism

The Beam's baptism

Our ward Halloween party was a blast that night. It was a chill cook off and there was lots of stuff for the kids to do. Elder Merrill participated in a pie eating contest and managed to get away with very little on his face. I fixed that afterwords by picking some of the cream up and hitting him in the face with it. Him and Antonio chased me outside, around the building and I locked myself in our car. 

Fun at the Ward Halloween Party

Sunday was the confirmation. Everything went well. They did show up late because of their ride but it happened and that's what counts. 

Well I'm super busy so I gotta go
Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin. 

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