Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Monday Oct. 24, 2016 - The One where I learn the evils of Energy Drinks

So this was a pretty decent week. Lots happened. Let me tell you about it. 

So Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Holman. He is the missionary who replaced me in Albemarle. Love the guy! He is really down to earth and a hard worker. He is actually from the same place as my pervious companion Elder Stephens. They were in the same ward back home I think. Or at least same stake. We did a lot of tracting that day. Like a lot. We did get to ride the bus and the train which was fun for me. I'm sure it was just an average day for him but this full car Elder was loving it. He took me out to this super great restaurant. It was right off the train platform. It was called Futo Buta and it's this hip little place that does home made ramen. It was so good! I should have got a picture of it. 

The next day was district meeting and service which was pretty decent. We had a lesson with Antonio that night and we planned his baptism. We were like, "Who do you want to baptize you?" and he was like, "Elder Galvin", and I was like, "are you sure?" and he was like "yes," and I was like, "what about Elder Merrill?" and he was like "are you sure/" and I was like "yes."  So Elder Merrill is going to preform the baptism and I'm going to confirm him :)  I really wanted Elder Merrill to have this experience early on in his mission it will set the tone really nicely. 

There was one night this week we got to our dinner about fifteen minutes early and there was a target right across the street and long story short Elder Rasmussen convinced me to buy an energy drink. Now let me clear. I have never before drank an energy drink in my life. And based on my experience I will never do it again. So I get all hyped up and crack the can open and drink about two thirds of it before our dinner. Now I'm not 100% sure if it was the energy drink that caused this but I see no other explanation, but during the dinner I began to feel a little sick. Like I need to use the toilet sick. And to spare you all the gory details let's just say I had to go before we left. I typically hate to use the washroom at people's houses but in this case it was an emergency. 

We had our typical bi monthly pizza night at a ward members home. This time while the pizza we're cooking I hopped on the piano grabbed a book of Christmas songs and the three of us had a jolly good time. Elder Rasmussen sassily suggested we sing "I'll be home for Christmas" to which I responded to with a glare. We did sing a bunch of others though. ''Twas quite a hoot. 

Pizza Party!!
Friday night we got to go on another exchange. My illustrious previous companion Elder Peterson came back to Pineville with Elder Merrill and myself. In the words of the hymn oh blessed reunion.!! We had a really good day that Saturday. 

We exchanged back at Angelica's wedding reception. Oh my gosh was that an experience. We walked in and got stared at so hard core because we were the only white peoples there. Now I'm used to the stares because missionaries and stuff but it was awkward. Maybe because they were blaring music, maybe it was because the music was in Spanish. Regardless it was great. We hung out with a bunch if our friends there and exchanged back with the assistants. The five of us stayed for dinner. Both Elder Peterson and Blanco served in Pineville so it was a little pineville reunion. 
At the Wedding reception
Overall it was a pretty good week!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin
Doing the Dew!


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