Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Monday Sept. 26, 2016 - The One with the Blue Haired Boy

This was a pretty good week here in Pineville. 

I'll share a couple great stories. 

Saturday night we had dinner with a member and they took us out to a restaurant. After we were getting into our car and this man comes running outside and stops us. He talks to us for like fifteen minutes and he cries and everything. He's had a rough life and military background and he has been wanting to get into church with his family. We left him with a pamphlet and our number and he called us the next day asking for a Book of Mormon! 

We found this really great part member family we started to work with. The mom is a member who is getting married soon. All of her kids are unbaptized and they are interested. Should be good! 

We did go on one exchange with the Elders in Monroe. They have been struggling a bit. The exchange wasn't too bad. I enjoyed myself. I redecorated their apartment for fun. And cleaned it because there were spiderwebs all over the place. It was pretty gross. They live in a big house. Like four times the size of Danville. And there is only two of them. But basically anything is bigger than our house in Danville. 

We also met this kid while knocking on doors. He had bright blue hair! He was really kind to us and seemed pretty interested. He goes to school with members of the ward. I have been so impressed with the young people I've met in Charlotte. They are really exceptional people. Very driven and motivated. 

There was this lady who we met in Walmart the other week who came to church yesterday. She is super nice. She is super outgoing and came in really early before we were out of ward Council. She just went up and started talking to a lady in the ward who meets before us and asked for the missionaries. So the member went and got the missionaries in that ward and she was all like,  "Nope those are the wrong ones. Those aren't the missionaries I fell in love with."  She was happy to see us when we found her. 

So I'm sure you've heard about all the craziness happening in Charlotte. Luckily I'm pretty far away from all the riots and stuff. We've basically been told just to be cautious. I'm sure everything has died down now. The riots went on for quite a few days so we hear. We have some missionaries not too far from where it all was going down so we made sure they were safe. 

Overall this week was pretty good but very typical. We found people, taught people and blah blah blah. Hope you enjoy Conference this weekend!

Send me pictures, read your scriptures, 
love you!
Elder Galvin 


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