Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Monday April 4, 2016 - The One with Fry Fry Fatalities and a Groovy Granny

This has been a great week in Danville even though we have only had
essentially two days to proselyte. It totally killed our finding
efforts since we were so focused on dealing with the people we already
have in the short time we had to work with them. But first! Conference
was this weekend. Here is a brief summary.

Conference Highlights, these were some of my favourite talks and my
thoughts about them. Donald L. Hallstrom, loved the discussion on the
fundamental doctrine of being children of God. It reminded me of
something my first mission president would always say, "When you know
who you are, you act differently." Gary E. Stevenson, simply taught
the doctrine of Priesthood Keys. Steven E. Snow, taught me wonderful
lessons about the relationship between humility and personal prayer.
Dale G. Renlund, tied in well with the previous talk. I enjoyed the
thoughts on entitlement to God's help and am striving for more
humility so I can avoid it. Neil L. Andersen, I felt it was given
directly to a youth aged investigator of ours. Loved the continued
emphasis on children and youth. Mervyn B. Arnold, one of my favourites
for sure. Such a great pump up reactivation and missionary work talk.
David A. Bednar, another doctrinal powerhouse talk. His explanation on
retaining a remission of sins through covenants and ordinances was
masterful. M. Russell Ballard, while I don't have a family yet this
has some good principles for now. Russell M. Nelson, further
emphasized humility and forgiveness, his thoughts on being men of God
were wonderful. Thomas S. Monson, of course the prophet was great,
loved his thoughts on choices and agency. Bonnie L. Oscarson, great
insights on reconciling your head and your heart. Robert D. Hales,
possibly one of the best talks on the Gift of the Holy Ghost I have
heard, another favorite. Patrick Kearon, since I've been living under
a news/media devoid rock for the past year and a bit it was a nice
wake up call to world events. Powerful, emotional, and another
favourite. Dallin H. Oaks, opposition as a part of the plan, gained
some nice insights and he expounded the scriptures amazingly. Jeffery
R. Holland, of course his was a favourite too, uplifting and
encouraging, it was nice to be reassured we get credit for trying.

Well, looking over it I basically liked every talk. I tried a new
style of note taking this conference.  Usually I just write down as much
as I can but I took a page out of the Elder Bednar's book of note
taking. I wrote down the principles the speakers taught, any
invitations they extended, and impressions I received. It was a
rewarding experience.

Most non-spiritual highlights were President Uchdorf related. His
jokes were on point, I loved his emotional response to the talk on
refugees since it must have struck a chord with him. Plus the
awkwardness in dealing with President Monson's reminder was funny. The
guy in the choir crying during Come Thou Fount was a highlight, I was
almost crying alongside him. Plus, Elder Holland's dinosaur picture
and ice cream joke were great too.

Like I said earlier we had hardly any time to proselyte. With our
weekend being filled with General Conference and having to babysit the
church we didn't have much time to get out and work. Wednesday was
also completely full. We had to drive to Greensboro for our District
Meeting followed by interviews with our mission President. That night
we also had a dinner appointment.

We were pretty effective with what little time we had. We were able to
get lots of members out teaching with us and we had some really great
lessons. We did have the heart break of being dropped by the girl we
baked the cake for. She sent us this fourteen page long text message
talking about how grateful she was for us, how we put her back on a
spiritual path but she has been praying and has felt inspired to a
different direction. It was sad. We did have other people make steps
and come to conference though!

Now on to a couple humorous experiences this week. We're were walking
down this one street to go teach someone and as we were walking there
was this house just blaring Michael Jackson esque music. There was
this probably 80 year old woman on the porch just dancing up a storm.
It was hysterical. She looked over and saw us then slowed it down for
a bit but soon was going at it again.

There was another time we were driving and we were stopped at a red
light. All of a sudden this French fry flew out the window. Then
another, then another, then three more. We happened to follow this car
for about half a mile until we turned off and the entire time they
just kept throwing out French fries from their car. It was the most
confusing thing ever.

Send me pictures, read your scriptures,
Love you!
Elder Galvin

Today we had a Zone Activity.  We had fun playing kick ball and enjoying the nice weather!


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