Tuesday, 8 September 2015

August 31, 2015 - The One with Lots of Sleeping People

This was a pretty average week. And that's a good thing. It started great and fizzled by the end. It was overall pretty average.

Monday night we had the most perfect lesson ever. It started by having dinner with our bishop and our progressing investigator. We had some great conversation over dinner then we went into the living room to teach. And this on its own would have been fantastic but it got even better. Not only did we have a member home lesson in the bishops house but then the High Priests Group Leader walks into our bishops house and sits down to join in the lesson! Two of the powerhouse members were both present at a lesson! It went great. The best part was just after the lesson was going stale, we asked the investigator to pray and sincerely ask if what we taught was true. He gave such a heartfelt prayer and we all just waited. He sat with his arms folded and head bowed for like twenty seconds. Then he looked up and said, something
tells me it's true. It was such a great moment!

Tuesday morning we did some service at habitat for humanity. It was different than the usual moving furniture around. They had received a truckload of stuff and we helped them unload and inventory it all. That afternoon we had a pretty neat experience. We were having a not so good time that afternoon so we decided we were just going to go knock some doors where we were parked. (One of the few places in this town I haven't been) as soon as we get out of the car the lady on
the porch of the house we were parked in front of asked who we were. When we told her she was a bit hesitant but we were eventually able to get her to listen to us. Half an hour later, she was convinced that what we taught was true, she cried her eyes out as she prayed for the first time and it was pretty amazing. Unfortunately she has completely ignored us twice now. That's pretty typical of most people even when they have experiences like that. The best time was when we knocked on her door and she yells who is it, we respond, it's the missionaries, she then yells back, I'm asleep, and then never answered us when we yelled back. Oh well.

Time for a mini rant. I think the one thing that absolutely blows me away is how much time people spend sleeping. Like I feel awkward knocking on someone's door at eleven in the morning just in case they're still in bed. The amount of times I have seen a groggy person in their pajamas answer the door at three in the afternoon is crazy!

Thursday night our friends from Habitat for Humanity took us out to CiCi's pizza for dinner. They have loved us helping them out for the past months and wanted to thank us. It was great to see how thankful people are when we serve them. The other Elders have actually taught a couple of the people that work there.

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was great. We got some amazing trainings on using the Bible and music more in our lessons. I was part of a musical number that we did. We sang let Zion in her Beauty Rise. I had to sing the tenor part which was slightly less than fun but it sounded good. The zone leaders liked it so much we were asked to organize the musical number for the upcoming zone meeting. I received some inspiration during a person study the other morning and we are
going to sing the words of Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, to the music of O My Father. It sounds really great!

Friday we applied our trainings from Zone Conference and were able to sing for and use the bible with our investigator. He really enjoyed it. We had a less active man out teaching with us. We have been trying to think of
different ways we can get him to feel the spirit and motivate him to come back to church so we brought him to help us teach our lesson. It worked out pretty well.

Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Kristensen. He came to our area. Exchanges are probably my favourite part of missionary work. You get to spend time with someone different and they break up the monotony of mission life a bit. Plus Elder Kristensen is probably the best person ever and him and Elder Valgardsen are the missionaries
I've spent the most time serving around on my mission so I know them pretty well.

Overall this was a pretty decent week.

Send me Pictures, Read your Scriptures!
Love you!
Elder Galvin
The only picture I took this week was
of a very large spider!


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