Friday, 16 October 2015

October 5, 2015 - The One with the Bug Investation

This week was a great week. It was full on a lot of non proselyting activities but overall it was fairly successful.

Last Monday we had a Zone Activity in Charlotte which was a lot of fun. We went to this park and played different sports and brought a bunch of food and had a little cookout. I saw Elder Burkhart again which was a little wired since he only just left but it was good. I played some volleyball and Ultimate frisbee which was fun.

This week we had an all day mission conference in Charlotte. We had to leave at 6:30 so we could there for when it started at 8:00. President and Sister Alexander's son gave a training on how to use Family History more as a tool in missionary work.  It was really good!

We also got these black boxes called Tiwi's put into our cars. They are basically Satans plan. ;) Even our mission president thinks so. They are plugged into the mainframe of our cars and monitor our speed and a bunch of other things. If we accelerate or brake too hard, turn too hard, aren't wearing our seat belts, have the tires come off the ground it reports us. If we get too many violations we lose our driving privileges. To make it worse it will yell at you as you're driving to tell you you're doing something wrong. 

We also had some more interesting bug stories this week. The first one is an ant infestation in our study room. I have now have a testimony of not leaving a cup with a milkshake in it on my desk. We came back from the nights activities and went into the study room to plan, inside my cup of milkshake there was about 100 ants. There was also
about 50 on my desk. We killed them all! The next morning they were all over Elder Simpkins desk too. We have been vacuuming ants up like crazy all week and they are slowly dying off.

The same night we found all the ants we also had an interesting experience with a cockroach. Yes, round three with the massive cockroach in the apartment. This time it was about 10:25 at night. I was sitting in bed reading Jesus the Christ and Elder Simpkin had just got in bed to lie down to go to sleep for the night. I look up for my book and on the wall I see a huge cockroach. I just sit there and say "oh". As soon as I speak it falls off the wall and lands on his pillow. I shout "get out of your bed!" And he jumps out of bed. We spent the next half an hour tearing the bedroom apart, throwing mattresses and
box springs everywhere, vacuuming it up, not having it die in the vacuuming process, and disposing of it outside. It was pretty insane.

This week we did the most cliche missionary service project ever. We moved one of the members of our ward out of his house and into an apartment right across from the other Elders. It was a lot of fun. Especially since it was raining so we got pretty wet.

We taught some people this week.  Not as many as usual with all of the meetings we had but it was some high quality lessons even if the quantity wasn't as high.

Love everyone so much! Have a great week!
Send me pictures, read your scriptures!
Elder Galvin
At the church for General Conference!!


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