Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The One Where They Unneccesarily Cancel Church and I Tutor Trigonometry!

Hey Y'all!

Nothing overly spectacular happened as far as teaching this week. We did teach one extremely heartbreaking lesson though. We followed up on a return appointment that we set that we weren't really planning on going back to you because the lady didn't seem very interested. We decided to go back anyway and when got there the lady was home with her three grandchildren because the town closed schools because the temperature maybe dropped below 30 for
three seconds!  The state is so weird.  Everything shuts down the second it gets cold. The schools here have had more snow days in the past week than I think I've ever had in my life! But I'm digressing, so we go to in and teach the restoration to this family. The three kids absolutely loved it and got everything that we taught them. When we extended an invitation for baptism they all look to their grandmother who essentially told us that their other grandmother is a preacher and to never come back. It was really sad but maybe some will eventually get baptized and go on
missions 10 years from now. Plant seeds wherever you go!

Our mission conference was supposed to be Thursday morning starting at 8 o'clock. But because we got quite a heavy snowfall on Wednesday night into Thursday morning it got postponed four hours. Just as we were about to head out the door Elder Dortch checked his blood sugar and it was at a whopping 28! so I had to drive the entire way. Which I loved! I
didn't think I'd miss driving as much as I did. We went to the Sisters apartment and they followed behind us with the Sisters from Boone. We also had to stop in Hickory to pick up the Spanish Elders and two hours
later we were in Charlotte at the mission conference which was great.  A member of the quorum of the Seventy and the Head of the Missionary Department trained us in regards to technology being used in the mission field.  The main focus of having iPads in the hands of missionaries is not only to help them teach people better. The equal focus is training missionaries to be responsible and purpose driven technology and media users for the rest of their lives.  Overall I'm very excited to see all the new changes, and to be part of what the member of the 70 called "One of the biggest changes in missionary work history ever". (Fun sidenote: he shook my hand and said "awesome" which is a banned word along with 'cool' in our mission. Our mission president feels they are too casual and that a general authority would never say those
words. He is right, but only on half of his statement!) :)

I also have some pretty amazing news. Our fireside was such a success that they've asked the four of us to do it on a stake level! We are supposed to involve the Sister Training Leaders and the Zone Leaders to help us out. Missionary work is booming in Hickory!

We have been trying to do a lot of finding because our investigator pool is pretty stale. We met this one guy two days ago who were pretty sure gave us a fake last name, but we have a return appointment with him at 6:30 today so who knows how that's gonna go. We meet a lot of people who seem very interested but they never answer their phone when
we  are trying  to call them. Oh well.

On Sunday they canceled church. They claimed it was because of icy conditions but the roads were just a little wet. Not
even icy it all! Everything shuts down the second drop freezing. I just don't get it. I doubt I ever will. So we had to blow a bunch of miles to drive to Morganton to go to church. It was a really great sacrament meeting and I enjoyed the classes. Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church but such is life.

On Sunday I also got to put my nerdy math skills to the test. A less active member who the Sisters are teaching called them and asked if they had any skill of trigonometry. Sister Leishman did but had forgotten it all. So what ended up happening is they called us and all four of us went over. Elder Dortch and Sister Smith taught the
member while sister Leishman and I taught her inactive 18-year-old son trigonometry. I was surprised at how well I remembered it. Granted, I did pray before to ask Heavenly Father to help me remember it all. Prayer works! It was a lot of fun because I actually miss doing math. He said it started clicking as we were finishing up so as long as he practices he should be able to get it all. Hopefully this can turn into an Ammon experience and we can reactivate him and get him on a
mission and baptize all his friends!

Well I wish my email could be a bit longer but we have a zone activity this afternoon. We're going to Hickory for a pizza potluck and to play games at the building there. Should be a lot of fun.

Love ya!
Elder Galvin

There are no Pictures to add this week because we didn't get any sent to us :(


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