Monday, 16 March 2015

The One Where I Steal a CD on Exchanges, Realize I'm getting Fat, and Get a New iPad

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was aggressively average in basically every aspect. I think I might be hitting my stride as a missionary, or in other words, getting to the point where nothing seems crazy or interesting. It's mostly because everyday has something crazy or interesting as part of it, making everything seem mundane to the max. But it's all good.

We had zone activity last week for P Day. We were having a pizza party potluck. It was pretty fun. Elder Dortch and I contemplated purchasing a $1 Walmart Pizza and bringing it but settled on a fresh one instead
of a frozen pizza. Can't look cheap in front of your peers! (pride abounds) But the funny thing was that we had planned to start cooking it just before we were going to head out but then the sisters showed up at our apartment (they were following us not driving in the car with us, don't worry we're obedient) and we realized we never even turned the oven on! So we had to cook it at the Hickory Building. Thankfully we got there early enough to get it in the oven before we felt like
incompetents. Funny Story! I gave the opening prayer at zone activity and totally forgot to bless the food. Oops. Heavenly Father got the point I hope. If not I just made all of the other missionaries in the zone as heathen as I am.

On Tuesday we had a double dose of member meals which was great because I'm too poor and too cheap to get good food when we grocery shop so I've been living on a steady diet of spaghetti, ramen, and Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. We went out to a pizza buffet with the sisters and a crew of ladies. (They are seriously the best and I love them all) we were celebrating the birthday of Brother and
Sister Dancy's daughter Cindy. It was so much fun.

That night we ate with a member family and I broke careful vs. casual for the three millionth time but it was so much fun! (I probably sound like an awful missionary but I'm not too awful) Their daughter just left for her mission to Brazil. We were discussing what relics/artifacts from the Book of Mormon we would want and it started out great and quickly turned really morbid. It started out with things like the Liahona or one of the Brother of Jared's stone that were touched by the finger of God. I then suggested one of the arms that Ammon cut off and it just took a turn. Their son moved to the scalp that Moroni's General cut off Zerahemnah.  It's awful I know! We then tried to bring it back with some nice scriptures and succeeded for the most part. Anyways, I probably won't ever forget that dinner appointment.

Wednesday was a really solid missionary day. The weather was beautiful and the Morganton Elders took our car so we left our apartment after lunch and just started walking and talking to people. We taught a bunch of lessons and found a bunch of people who accepted return appointments. Unfortunately, it also made me realize how I'm absolutely done this summer. It was 68 outside and I was hot. And I wasn't even wearing a sweater! When it gets to be like 100 degrees or more out, and humid I'm going to die!

Thursday was a day of giving blessing and comfort. There was this one recent convert lady who was having a surgery the next day and wanted a blessing so we walked over to her house that morning. Satan clearly did not want it to happen because it was raining that morning. When I stepped out side it was just lightly drizzling but as soon as Elder
Dortch got outside and locked the door it just started to downpour on us! We walked in the rain and got soaking wet. The sisters drove by and got angry and yelled at us for walking in the rain. They tried to pull over and give us the car but we didn't let them so they parked and defiantly walked in the rain with us. It went great with the recent convert though.
We also went with a member of our bishopric to the house of a less active lady  (the lady whose son I tutored in trigonometry). She has been under a lot of stress so we were able to try and relieve
that and she felt a lot better after we left. It's so great to be able to help people feel the spirit and bring that comfort into their lives.

We had zone meeting on Friday and we exchanged after. We got our new iPads at Zone meeting and they are amazing!
 We get to keep these ones and bring them home with us at the end of our missions. It took so long to set them up and we had appointments to get to right after so we had to skip lunch that day which was awful.

I went on exchanges to Morganton after Zone Meeting. Elder Bishop went to Hudson so Elder Dortch finally got to on an exchange with Elder Bishop so he was pretty excited. I went to Morganton with Elder Marsh and Elder Hass. It was pretty great. We met with one of their new
investigators who is the most elect and ready for baptism investigator I have ever met. He could be baptized in a few weeks easily. Now we just need to find people like that here in the Lenoir. Well we do find them but most of them are single women or don't actually liven our area so we can't be the ones to teach them.  If I had a dollar for every referral we give to the Elders in Hickory or to the Sisters I would not be eating Ramen every day!

We went to the church to use the wifi in Morganton and while we were there I noticed a stack of CDs with the efy and youth theme music sitting there. They had a bunch of copies of the 'Embark' CD so I took one. I later felt guilty so I told them to take it back. We were all pretty sure it was fine to take one because there were so many just lying around but they are going to ask just to be sure.

One of our long time investigators is doing great! He found a friend to get into the church with him  who is one of the sisters investigators. He has a lot of things he needs to work through and he probably won't get baptized for a long
time but he knows it's true and said he will get baptized when he sorts himself out. He will be one of the people who hear about two years later that finally get baptized. We chopped wood for a member for service
again and it was a lot of fun. We taught this crazy drunk guy who dropped off the wood (he lives in Morganton go figure ugh) and he was pretty nice.

I've been making a horrible discovery over the weeks. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 123 pounds! I've gained five pounds and I haven't even been out for three months yet! This is not good! I'm going to get fat on my mission and I swore I'd never be one of those missionaries! I need to start working out better in the mornings but I'm just so tired I can never bring myself to do much. Our mission presidents wife emailed us some exercise PDFs that I'm going to start
using. Hopefully it helps.

Overall, it's been a pretty good week. Hope you have a great week too! Be nice to missionaries, invite them over for dinner and introduce them to your friends and family! Everyone need the Gospel and it's so great so share it!

Love ya!
Elder Galvin


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