Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The One Where a Felon Raps for us on the side of a Highway

It's been another good week here in North Carolina!

We had a zone meeting on Tuesday which is a lot of fun. Some missionaries in our district did a musical number that was really really good. After zone meeting we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We went there with Sister R and the Sisters because we all drove together to Hickory where zone meeting was. It was so good! Anyway, Sister R is such a good missionary! She ended up talking to the guy at the cash register about the church and about missionaries. He had never heard the gospel before or even about Mormons. We got his information and passed it onto the missionaries in Hickory so they can go and teach him. 

That afternoon we went to Granite Falls, a town just south of Hudson where I'm living, to go looking for a few people that Bishop asked us to go see. Since they were less than happy about us showing up we went to visit another member. It was such a good visit! We talked about the priesthood and want him to start progressing towards getting that. We had dinner that night at a members house whose husband is not a member.  I love him, he is such a smart guy!  We had a great visit with him before he had to leave but we look forward to talking to him in the future.

Since we were in the area and it was about 45 minutes before we had to be home we went and stopped by yet another members house. I absolutely adore them too! . We had a great visit with him and her. She is a recent convert and he is on his way to baptism. They both came to church yesterday which was wonderful!

Wednesday was a bit of a weird day. We went to visit some more less actives but really couldn't find them. We tracked around the area and set up quite a few appointments for the sisters because they were people that we couldn't go in their home. It all worked out though. We went home and did some teaching over Facebook and had correlation that night.

Since we lost the car on Wednesday to the Morganton Elders we have been spending the last while on foot. We've been trying to contact a few potential investigators that we have but that didn't end up working. We've been continuing to work with T and prepare her for baptism and she should be baptized on Sunday! It's so exciting and she's asked me to do it! I absolutely adore that family and they're some of my favorite people that I've met here so far.  When we were over there on Saturday night it was so windy but we had to help the sister pour kerosene into her tank because of her back.   I thought Elder Dortch was going to fly off the top of the ladder! I also got some random piece of something in my eye that woke me up the next night! Oh well. 

Our Friday the 13th was pretty unlucky. We got stood up by one appointment that we walk to so We ended up having to walk back. Also our ride to the appointment following that ended up being sick so we couldn't go. Very disappointing. 

We did have one of the funniest experience happen on Friday the 13th. We were walking to go contact a potential and we see this head begin to emerge down the road. Normally when people see missionaries walking down the side of the road they turn tail and run. But this guy crossed to be walking on the same side of the road as us and walking towards us. At zone meeting we learned about a phrase called 'oh what the heck, just go for it anyway' and applied it in the situation. He was quite the character! He told us all about his felony of being in jail because of being a drug dealer! He did a dramatic reenactment of his arrest. He also rapped a little bit of soulja boy and one of his own creations. When we told him that as missionaries were really not allowed to be listening to worldly music he told us don't worry it's one of my clean songs. He then proceeded to use a lot of not clean vocabulary. I'll let you interpret that how you please. We did end up teaching him a lesson and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon with our number and told him to call us back. He said his phones not working because he got it disconnected because of the court cases in.  A lot of drama, a lot of fun, and weird experiences. Such is missionary life!

Saturday made up for our not good Friday the 13th night. We had a Valentines lunch at a member's. It was basically a feast of delicious. She cooks the best food I can't get over it. We had  chimichangas and they were delicious!  We had one of the best teaching visits with her right after. We taught him part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught him about faith and repentance. He said he finally gets it! It's finally starting to make sense in his head. It's so wonderful that he's progressing spiritually so much. He has a lot of stuff to work through but I do not doubt that he will be baptized one day. We taught him about baptism and the Holy Ghost after church yesterday. The spirit was so strong! He said he knows that this is the true church! We can't wait to continue with work with him and get him down this path that he knows he wants and needs to be on.

We ate dinner at our bishops house last night. We did a trial run of our bit for the fireside next week in an attempt to impress him and his family about how good of missionaries that we are. I think it worked? But oh well. Bishop is a great man and I love him very much. His family is super great too. We greeted him when he picked us up by standing outside our apartment and shining a Batman symbol flashlight on the side of our apartment building. If that didn't catch his attention and impress him I don't know what would. 

I hope everybody has a good week.

Love ya,
Elder Galvin 

                                                         My Amazing District at our Zone Conference


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