Monday, 23 March 2015

The One Where I'm Around President Craven Too Much ;)

Hello everybody,

So this week has been absolutely full of meetings. We had our Zone
conference on Tuesday that was great! We got some wonderful training
by president Craven about being "quick to observe". I love how in his
trainings he makes sure they are today, tomorrow, and forever
principles. That means they are not only applicable to us while we are
on our missions but they will also apply when we go home. We got a law
of tithing throw down that was extremely impromptu. We were in the
middle of role playing, teaching a commandment of our choice when he
just got up and started yelling for like twenty minutes. It was great!
We also got a throw down on the law of chastity.
Apparently he likes to do that throw down about once a year. It was
extremely uncomfortable but good stuff that's needs to be gone over
and about as appropriate setting as I can think of to do it.

We had another meeting on Friday. It was an all mission conference. We
had Elder Kopischke from the seventy come and talk with us. We did a
large question and answer session with him for like three hours but we
only got three questions in because he answered so comprehensively. We
received some wonderful training though. A lot to think about and

We did see a bit of success this week. The sisters gave us one of their
former investigators to go and contact and after a bit of persistence
he let us in. He has a bit of a problem with the concept of prophets
but we have a return appointment and we will be bringing our ward mission
leader with us to the appointment. We also found a family but they
stood us up on our return appointment. Oh well.

We had our Stake level fireside yesterday and it went wonderfully.
President and Sister Craven were there (third time seeing and talking
with them that week! Scary) and it was so great! It was a lot
different than last time because we had twice the number of
missionaries involved and it was specifically for the youth but
overall it went wonderful. President Craven was impressed.

I'm sorry about the short email but I really have no time
today. Hope you all have a great week.

Love ya!
Elder Galvin


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