Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The One Where I Realize I'm Broke and Get told I'm Going to Hell

Here is Elder Galvin's email for the week of January 26.  I have gotten a bit behind in posting...Ooops
Anyways, I have taken names out and used initials only for members and investigators to respect privacy.  The stories can still be understood this way and it saves me from re-writing things so I can keep it in Liam's words, which are usually pretty interesting and funny in and of themselves!  I wouldn't want to take away from that ;-)

Hey Y'all!

This has been such a great week. The rest of last P-Day was absolutely crazy. We ended up being able to teach two member present lessons when we weren't even planning on it! One of them was such a crazy thing. Elder Dortch and I were going over to a members house. We show up and nobody was home but we decided to wait a few minutes anyways. C and T both show up and they have this friend with them. His name is D and long story short we end up teaching him. He claims to be an Atheist but is going to come to church next Sunday with C and T. That doesn't sound like an Atheist does it?! Hopefully he actually shows up but he seemed pretty sincere. 

Tuesday was a really busy day. We had to get up super early because we had to be at the Morganton Elders apartment for 7:00. We had to get there because we had a Trainer/Trainee Meeting in Charlotte. That meeting was so amazing! The first thing they did was take all the trainers out of the room and President Craven talked to us. He asked us if our trainers were being obedient and following the rules and stuff like that.The funny thing was that he was using a mic to make his voice louder and so everyone could hear him in the gym. Now the funniest part is that his voice was being broadcast throughout the building. SO as he was telling us that everything that is said in this room is staying in this room it was being heard by the Trainers in the Relief Society Room! Thankfully Sister Craven came in and told him.

A picture of Charlotte...He's missing cities!

Elder Seely and Elder Galvin

We had a training by a set of Sister Training leaders but before I talk about that we literally just got a call right now from a florida number and it hung up before we could pick it up and we just tried to call it back and the line had been disconnect so basically our phone is haunted. Sorry back to my actual letter. Training from the Sister Training Leaders. It was actually pretty good. It featured a lot of role-playing, two six minute role plays, two four minute role plays, and two two minute role plays. It was to help us simplify and intensify our teaching. I got to teach with Elder Seely! my friend from the MTC, it was so great, he is such a good missionary! After a long day of training we headed back to Morganton. We dined on my favourite thing ever, Chik-fil-a, and then headed back to Lenoir.  (You'd think he'd be gaining weight by now with all the food he is eating, but he claims to still be the same!  I swear he's always had a hollow leg!)
 Okay, Wednesday was so great. So it was Sister Grace's Birthday so we had a birthday party at district meeting. Also I had one of the greatest role play experiences ever, well second best. (there was one in the MTC that still stands as number one) I was playing A (our investigator) and Sister Gunther was teaching him. Then I taught her investigator N. Both of us told the others investigators exactly what they needed to hear. I can’t really describe how great it was, but what I can say is that you actually receive revelation for your investigator when you role play them. Its so crazy.

Celebrating Sister Grace's Birthday
After District meeting us and the Sisters drove back to Lenoir with Sister R, who I have adopted as my mission grandma. She is so great and we have so much fun. We had to stop by the sisters apartment so Sister Grace could put her presents away. I took some fun pictures of Elder Dortch running, one of which is now his profile pic on Facebook.  We then went out for lunch to a pizza place called Piccolo's. Put it this way, I loved it so much I bought a shirt. I've decided I'm going to get a little something like that from all my areas that it serve in.

Well this week marks the first time I've been told I was going to hell by a Baptist. It was a lovely conversation that ended with us getting some pamphlets about grace and other stuff. I don't really get how they can think that they just need to accept Jesus into thir lives and that automatically means they are going to heaven. They think that they can just do whatever they want and since they have been saved they will be fine. They skip like most of the repentance process. They recognize what they are doing is wrong then they immediately jump to accepting the Saviour. They feel no remorse and don't ask for forgiveness when they do things wrong; it’s just weird. But we taught him a lesson on his doorstep so it was all good.
The rest of the week was just a bunch of average missionary work, teaching people and stuff. Oh, H wants to get baptized!!! Our next appointment after that went a little rough so we didn't get a date pinned down but he'll get there I'm pretty sure. And the investigator with the family I saw while on exchanges with Elder Bishop is getting Baptized on the 22nd of February which is so wonderful.
I also discovered this week that I have no money left. The card messed up and took like ten dollars out of my account some how. I thought I had more money left but apparently I have been spending it all. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to survive on the food I have left and the $6 I have in my wallet.

Us and the sisters planned out our fireside more and it will be so good and get everyone pumped about doing missionary work. It really doesn't have to be hard at all, you just have to share something that a missionary has posted on Facebook. Or write your own post. We are also going to do a little role play segment in the middle. We met to discuss all this one day at a little coffee shop in Hudson because it was pouring rain and we couldn't ride our bikes anywhere. I hate not having a car. We got to walk in the rain and that was fun. 

Love ya, 
Elder Galvin


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